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Gender equality index in 2020

Each year our company is required to calculate a gender equality index to evaluate whether we are taking appropriate action towards gender equality.

We are proud to share with you that last year, THERMOCOAX scored 80/100 toward 70/100 on 2019 !

Don’t hesitate to visit our page careers to get more information in the calculation.


H2O2 sterilization units for Filling machines


THERMOCOAX offers you the possibility of manufacturing your custom designed aseptisation oven that will fit perfectly to your industrial tools.

Our specific solution is widely used by major machine manufacturers for the “dry” sterilisation processes.

We ask our customers to define their specifications in terms of liquid to be used, liquid flow and temperature in order to have the sufficient level of sanitization in their parts before the filling process.

As an expert of electrical heating solutions, Thermocoax will determine the power density of the heating elements necessary to reach your specifications inside the vaporizer.

THERMOCOAX exports its know how all around the word.

We also offer standard version one or two heating zones H2O2 ovens.

Technical characteristics :

H2O2 vaporizer

  • Material: stainless steel 1.4404, 1.4541
  • Heater: Based on Thermocoax mineral insulated cables – vacuum brazed – water tide IP 54 standard
  • Operational power and voltage:
    • one or two heating zones in standard
    • 3 kW, 6 kW / 230 V
    • 6 kW / 400 V
    • Customized specifications on request
  • Temperature range: up to 500°C or higher on request
  • Operating conditions: corrosive media, acids and chemicals
  • Reduced response time

Heating elements : cold end heating element with safety thermocouples for each zone.

H2O2 vaporizer

H2O2 vaporizer






Gender equality Index at THERMOCOAX

As of 1 March 2020, companies with between 50 and 250 employees are required to calculate a gender equality index to evaluate whether they are taking appropriate action towards gender equality.

This figure is a measure of equal pay for men and women in the world of work, applying the principle of “equal pay for equal work”.

This index takes the form of a score out of 100 and is based on 4 criteria:

  • No pay gap between women and men with the same role and of a similar age,
  • Equal opportunities for a pay rise,
  • The number of employees who received a pay rise upon returning from maternity leave,
  • At least four women in the ten highest paid positions.

For the year 2019, THERMOCOAX scored 76/100.

This performance demonstrates the company’s commitment to diversity and equality and, as always, pushes us to continue to improve on this score in the future.


Gender equality Index


Safety-Related Cabling system for Gen 3+ Reactors: LOCA and Severe Accident-Proofness


As a reaction to the Fukushima disaster, authorities implemented a number of improvements in nuclear power plants (NPP) in order to improve safety.

Some of them are related to the survivability of safety-related sensors located in the containment.

In the event of an accident, the conveyance of a signal from safety-related sensors to the containment wall penetration is key.

Thermocoax is developing specific cabling systems for degraded harsh environments with an NPP design.

The challenge: to design a robust cabling system capable of enduring abnormal or even accident conditions over a lifespan equivalent to the NPP lifespan (i.e., 60 years).

The requirement: Signal transmission lines need to resist normal and abnormal conditions during their entire plant lifespan.

The design of the cabling systems takes into consideration adverse conditions, such as loss of coolant accident (LOCA) and/or severe accident (core melt accident, hydrogen burning), radiation, pressure and seismic conditions and are subject to a stringent test programme following national or international standard requirements (such as IEEE-383 and recommendations) overseen by various authorities.

Once all tests have been successfully passed and the 1E/K1 qualification has been obtained, a stringent manufacturing programme ensures product repeatability and traceability.


Nuclear application

The benefits of Thermocoax technology

 THERMOCOX develops cabling systems based on various technologies, including Mineral Insulated cable technology. No thermal and radiation ageing of the material associated with a specific assembly and manufacturing process results in an extra-long lifespan.

From a technical standpoint, our MI cable technology offers the ultimate performance in terms of withstanding pressure, radiation and temperature compared with other technologies.

No replacement during the lifespan of the NPP is required, resulting in a low cost of ownership; intervention in a contaminated area being a much higher cost factor than the product cost.



THERMOCOAX Nuclear specialises in In-Core and Ex-Core SOLUTIONS, such as:

  • Sensors (neutron flux & gamma flux, temperature measurement and level & flow measurement
  • Cabling systems
  • Heating solutions


Small summary, in words and images, on the milestones of 2018 and the beginning of this year in Aeronautic market

THERMOCOAX equips Airbus A220 with 2 drainage mats for front / rear galleys. With already 536 planes in the AIRBUS orderbook, we are working our ramp up organization. With an ambitious target of several thousands of aircrafts over the next 20 years, the A220 platform would be one of the most successful program THERMOCOAX invested in.


At the ILA Berlin event at the end of 2018, Stéphane Fourrez, as part of the European NIPSE programme, presented the results of work on a new fire detector for the next generation of avionics engines. Stéphane presented the methodology and the technical results to an international expert audience of international experts and answered many questions.

THERMOCOAX was invited to participate in the “Passive Component” symposium organised by the European Space Agency at the end of 2018.

Among thirty odd posters, the one made by Alexis Brodin and Xavier Potiron won the grand prize-what a proud achievement for both of them, and for THERMOCOAX.


In Autumn, 2018, at the CAMX event, the THERMOCOAX US team presented the heating products for composite applications designed for aviation and other industries in general.



THERMOCOAX heating space products with Spacecraft Electrical Propulsion System

New Generation of Pre-Heating Solution for : Hall-Effect Propulsion Thruster

heating ring ring


For 15 years, THERMOCOAX has been a worldwide key player in designing, developing and manufacturing heating systems for the space market.

We provide solutions for :

Ground applications :

  • R&D programmes with institutes
  • Ground equipment

Flying models :

  • Heating management systems at 50 & 100 volts for Satcom
  • Catalyst bed heaters for chemical propulsion
  • Heating solutions for Hall-effect thrusters

Scientific Mission :

  • Heating systems on Curiosity Rover
  • Heating elements on ISS for MSL
  • Heating elements for pyrolysor on Cassini-Huygens Titan probe

heating technology THERMOCOAX heating solution

Technical Application of pre-heating ring

The new generation of communication satellites is improved with more power available (13kW for E3000 platform) and allows the use of electrical propulsion systems for orbit raising and for all station-keeping manoeuvres, wheel offloading, station relocation and final re-orbiting for disposal.

The electrical propulsion system allows a significant reduction in spacecraft mass. A disadvantage is the average length of 8 months to raise the final orbit in comparison to a few days for chemical propulsion.

The first platform to be equipped with the THERMOCOAX pre-heating ring is the EUTELSAT172B, produced by Airbus Defense and Space, equipped with Russian FAKEL EPS.

Space electrical propulsion hall effect thruster

For faster startup and to protect the thruster from premature erosion, a pre-heating system is installed around the electrical thruster. Each pre-heating ring supplies 28 watts.

Technical Description of heated Ring

We use our best mineral-insulated cable.

Mineral-insulated cable with 2 resistive wires welded together at the tip to make one electrical loop.

Redundancy can be reached by using 2 separate heating cables with an outer diameter of 1mm or only 1 cable with 4 wires for 2 heating loops with a minimum outer diameter of 1.5mm.

drawing of heating element heating element


The cables are installed and brazed in the metallic ring.

To get the perfect dimensions and tolerance, the ring is reworked and then polished.

3D drawing of heating ring ring


3D drawing of polished product Finished product cleanless


Catalyst Bed Heater :

  • 2 redundant electrical loops
  • Nominal power supply: 28 to 55 volts
  • Power version per loop:
  • 30 watts under 70VDC
  • 60 watts with 2 loops activated
  • Max exposed temperature:
  • 1000°C with Inconel

Other power and voltage available.

Mineral-Insulated Cable :

Version exposed to 1000°C :

  • Inconel 600 sheath
  • 4 nickel-chromium wires

Xray cable Xray four wires heater


Lead Wires :

  • 4 wires
  • Color code for each loop
  • AWG24 or 26
  • Strength 1.4kg

Acceptance Test Criteria of the catalyst bed heater :

  • Helium Leak Test
  • X-ray of the ring
  • X-ray of the junction MIC/lead wires
  • Lead attachment strength test
  • Visual and mechanical examination
  • Overvoltage
  • Line resistance
  • Insulation resistance under 500 volts
  • Burn-in test
  • Dielectric 100/300/500VAC, 60Hz/60s
  • Weight
  • Final Manufacturing Report

 Test List for Qualification Program

THERMOCOAX manages and conducts the qualification test programme in accordance with our customer’s specification.

Our engineers write the QTP for customer approval prior to running the test.

Most of the tests (thermal, humidity, electrical, etc.) on the space grade heating solutions are performed in THERMOCOAX’s labs.

Tests requiring heavy equipment (vibration, acceleration, shocks, etc.) are subcontracted to external laboratories or supported by our customers with the complete propulsion system.

List of Typical Qualification Tests on Catalyst Bed Heater :

  • Vibration
  • Acceleration
  • Mechanical shock
  • Pyrotechnic shock
  • Helium leak
  • Burn-in
  • Humidity
  • Hot firing
  • Electrical cycling
  • Thermal cycling
  • Lead attachment
  • Dielectric
  • Destructive physical analysis
  • X-ray Examination


vibration qualification graph Example of vibration spectral

Packaging and Cleanness :

Packaging is designed specifically to ensure excellent condition of the catalyst bed heater during transportation and storage :

packaging vacuum packaging


packaging marking packaging


THERMOCOAX supplies the new Hall-effect thruster with 1500 and 5000 watts, here are a few examples :

  • SMART1
  • Alphabus
  • Alphasat

To come :

  • SSL1300
  • E3000e
  • Boeing 702 platform


THERMOCOAX is the major player for onboard heating solutions for electrical thrusters and is proud to participate in challenging international space programmes.

THERMOCOAX’s focuses on high-quality heating products for maximum stability and repeatability during operation. We have understood our customers’ challenge to manufacture spacecrafts for over 20 years for a better life for human beings.

New large constellation programmes are currently in construction, THERMOCOAX is now ready to support the market with high-reliability and high efficiency heating ring for electrical thruster.


Thermocoax Isopad Heating Solutions for Drums Flexible Drum Heating Jacket Series IDR-G

isopad3Flexible Isopad Heating Jackets of Series IDR-G are easy to install around drums to warm up their content. They are insulated to provide the most efficient heat transfer. Therefore the heat is distributed towards the medium inside with less energy loss than most simple heating bands. In addition an optional flexible insulated cover from Isopad may be used for the top of the drum.

Rapid and direct heat-up times are generated through constant power output and digital control. Through the pre-installed controller unit on the jacket and the single power supply lead the heating jackets are a practical, flexible and space saving solution. The drum heating jackets are providing upmost efficiency at various application methods from frost protection to desired regulation of the viscosity of the medium.

Drum heating jackets are designed for use in ordinary areas (non-hazardous). The outer sheath is made of glass-fiber reinforced silicone which remains flexible yet sturdy. By using the right manufacturing method the design provides protection in wet areas of use (Ingress Protection up to IP65).

isopad4The heating jackets are installed using the Velcro tape which is mounted over the complete closure line. This method provides fast and easy installation with an optimum of fixation around the drum.

The materials used for the flexible drum heating jackets are suitable for operating temperatures up to 180°C. This operating range may be used for metal drums with suitable surface finish or paint. For drums made of plastic or composite we recommend a maximum operating temperature of 70°C depending on the material. For applications with lower performance ratings the power output may be reduced to save energy consumption.

The built-on controller unit junction box of the drum heating jackets is designed to provide direct adjustments of the control temperature as well as locking against use or change of settings. isopad5The housing is made of rigid plastic which provides protection against splashing water. After selection of the control temperature and other parameters the heating jacket can be operated using the ON and OFF main switch.

The heating jackets for drum are design mainly for use in industrial areas and shall therefore only be installed and operated by well trained staff and personnel.

Overview Product Features:

  • Fully insulated heating for best efficiency
  • Easy to use digital controller unit
  • Constant power output for rapid heat up times
  • For use on metal and plastic drums
  • Grounded heating element fulfills requirements to guideline 2006/95/EG
  • Regulation of viscosity
  • Frost protection
  • Maintaing temperature
  • Melting of solids
  • Warming up of Media
  • Thermal Mixing

Overview Technical Data:

  • Standard Sizes to fit drums of 200L volumes
  • Glass-fiber reinforced silicone outer sheath
  • 25 mm thermal insulation
  • Digital Controller with acoustic/optical alarm
  • Dielectric strength >2000 Volts
  • Flexible Power Supply Lead 1.8 m
  • Ingress Protection Level IP65
  • Electrical Protection Class I
  • Optional insulated cover for top