Engineered Thermal Solutions for Semiconductor Industry

THERMOCOAX designs and manufactures thermal solutions which help to improve the uptime and process stability of semiconductor wafer process equipment. Our advanced heating applications are suitable for vacuum deposition environment ALD-CVD-PVD processes.

We also provide custom mineral cable heaters with the wattage required to get optimal temperature uniformity and process tunability.

Experience Innovation with THERMOCOAX

THERMOCOAX is a renowned industry leader in engineered thermal solutions, specializing in pedestal and chuck heaters for the semiconductor industry. Our highly innovative products are custom-designed to meet the exact needs of our customers.

We provide heating solutions for OEM machine builders in thermal ALD, PVD, and CVD semiconductor processes.

Unparalleled Customization

At THERMOCOAX, we understand the importance of customization. Each new design concept is created to suit the unique requirements of our customers.

Our pedestal and chuck heaters offer excellent heat conductivity, temperature homogeneity, and guaranteed surface flatness. We provide customization options such as thermocouples, gas lines, cooling lines, texturing, and specific coating choices.

Made from customer-defined materials including stainless steel, C22, aluminum, nickel, and specific Inconel alloys, our heaters are available in sizes up to 300mm in diameter. Multi-heating zones ensure high uniformity of temperature, and all our products are Ultra High Vacuum compatible.

Additionally, THERMOCOAX offers full encapsulated metal heating plates to prevent contamination in the deposition chamber.

Choose High-End Solutions

Semiconductor manufacturers require high-end solutions that are both cost-effective and designed to meet their specific needs. THERMOCOAX products excel in meeting and exceeding existing equipment specifications, resulting in shorter lead times, improved reliability, and reduced maintenance.

Our chucks and pedestal heaters generate a uniform temperature up to 900°C, with temperature homogeneity guaranteed on multi-heating zone heaters. They also resist chemical cleaning during process deposition and etching, thanks to customer-defined construction materials and consultations with our expert design team.

Experience Full Assembly Heating Solutions

THERMOCOAX also specializes in 3D Full Assembly Heating Solutions, offering higher yields, improved specifications, and reduced maintenance or downtime for wafer manufacturing processes.

Our expertise in high-performance heating cables, welding and brazing technologies, and temperature control solutions ensures stability with the highest precision. We lead the industry in Full Assembly electrical thermal solutions, guaranteeing energy distribution control and temperature homogeneity for OEM customers.

Complete Capability and Quality Assurance

THERMOCOAX possesses comprehensive capabilities in manufacturing 3D Full Assembly heating solutions, including brazing, TIG welding, laser welding, cable production, and assembly.

Our manufacturing process is fully controlled, ensuring the highest quality and complete traceability of all components and sourcing. We also adhere to regulatory compliance through subcontractor assessments and internal and external audits.

Customized Thermal Solutions for All Applications

THERMOCOAX offers a wide range of customized thermal solutions for vacuum deposition processes in various industries, including semiconductor, photovoltaic cells, display, touch panel, and OLED manufacturing processes.

Our Radiative Heating Plates are tailor-made to precise shape and dimension specifications provided by customers. Suitable for use in air, plasma, high pressure, high frequency, and ultra-high vacuum environments, our Radiative Heating Plates are primarily manufactured from stainless steel, aluminum, or other specified alloys.

Our heating cables are designed to meet specific client requirements, providing versatility for any shape or temperature profile.

Embrace New Challenges with THERMOCOAX

What sets THERMOCOAX apart is our collaborative approach to all projects. We combine our expertise and deep knowledge with customer input to create optimal solutions. We understand the significance of delivering cost-effective products without compromising on quality. Our commitment to excellence ensures that our products meet the demanding specifications of industries that rely on vacuum applications.

Contact THERMOCOAX now to request a quote for our engineered thermal solutions. Experience our industry-leading expertise and innovative designs tailored to your specific needs. Together, we can achieve optimal thermal solutions for your business.