Aeronautic Thermal Solutions

Safer, cleaner and more cost effective: these are the attributes of THERMOCOAX thermal heating solutions for the aerospace industry. 

In a sector where safety is critical, THERMOCOAX’s strength lies in the close collaboration we have with our partners. Listening to our clients’ needs, we custom-make anti-icing screens, heating tools and temperature sensor systems, compliant with the highest standards required in the aeronautical industry.  

Our thermal product range includes thermocouples, anti-icing systems and sensors for commercial and military aircraft. At THERMOCOAX we focus on innovation, from conception through prototyping into production.   

Aeronautical Expertise to Fly For 

With more than two decades of expertise and know-how, THERMOCOAX has been able to establish excellent working relationships with its partners in the commercial and military aircraft sector.   

Endorsed by platforms worldwide, we have become an international supplier for multiple aeronautics programmes. These include MD80, A220, A340, A380, Falcon Jet, Embraer Legacy, and B787.  

Our aeronautical heating systems can also be found in the Mirage, and SAAB Grippen JSF F35, A400M Eurocopter NH90, and Boeing Apache.  

Thanks to our reputation in this field, we will also be providing thermal solutions for future programmes such as KC390, Airbus A220, C919, Dassault Falcon Jet F6X and F10X, and Typhoon. 

MI Cables as Basis for Custom Designs  


THERMOCOAX designs and manufactures high-end sheathed thermocouples for the aeronautics industry, with highly compact insulating powder and a bending capacity to a radius 3 times its diameter in difficult-to-access environments.  

Whether for use on board helicopter gas engines or APU test benches, or to monitor the temperature in aircraft braking systems (BTMS), our thermocouples possess the necessary insulation resistance for every aeronautical application. 

Heating elements  

Our heating elements are designed to provide a thermal solution for the most simple to the more mission-critical applications in aeronautics.  

Specific sensors are available for anti-icing systems and screens for helicopter turbine air inlets. We also supply wastewater drain masts for commercial aircraft and thermal solutions for pitot tubes and angle of attack.  

For out-of-autoclave welding, curing and shaping operations, THERMOCOAX designs no-contact heating tools for new-generation composites such as PEEK. The heating cable has true cold ends and operates in temperatures up to 450°C. It is designed to be flexible enough to be moulded to any complex 3D shape as required by the client. 

Specific sensors  

THERMOCOAX has a range of reliable and innovative sensors for specific applications in aeronautics.  

For gas turbine engines where tip timing, tip clearance, and debris monitoring need to be optimal for operational efficiency, our capacitance sensors will function up to 1400°C PEAK without the need for integrated cooling systems.  

Our overheat sensors are used to detect hot air leakages in the bleed system. And our fire detectors monitor the integrity of electronics in engines or nacelles. 


Adding value to Aeronautics 

Always mindful of our values of excellence and customer focus, we manage all stages of the aeronautic thermal project for our clients, while listening to their needs. From design through qualification right up to the final product, we offer engineering and technical assistance every step of the way. 


For further details on our products and solutions for the aeronautical industry, please don’t hesitate to visit our aeronautics dedicated website.