Power Generation

THERMOCOAX Power Generation Thermal Solutions :

At Thermocoax, our mission is to develop state-of-the art sensors in the power generation market exposed to an environment of high, harsh temperatures through advanced innovation from conception, to prototype development right through to production. 

  •  Ground applications, MIL or RTCA DO160 qualified for power generation on airborne.
  • We are the key supplier to the power generation market as a heavy duty gas turbine OEM in Europe and North America.
  • More than 150 000 helicopter engines are equipped with our temperature harnesses.
  • We are the sole manufacturer for 1300°C capacitive probe without cooling system.

Mineral Insulated Cable for Power Generation Applications :

You can find thermocouples on compressors, turbines, exhaust lines, strokes for power penetration test programs & production.

We propose new heating elements solutions  :

  • to relieve stress when repairs need to be made on power generation parts.
  • Heating blanket to keep power generation modules warm for installation operations.
    • Heating system on nozzles for starting up coal power generation plants.

We provide power generation specific sensors through our brands :

TURBOCOAX® : Blade Tip Clearance, Tip Timing, Debris Monitoring

Negacoax®: Overheat and fire detectors


Learn more about our powergeneration products, below :



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