Thermal Solutions for Space

A leading innovator in thermal solutions, THERMOCOAX delivers environmentally friendly applications to meet the critical needs of the space industry. 

THERMOCOAX offers an impressive range of heating products for the new environmentally friendly space platforms. From catalyst bed heaters to high temperature thermocouples, all our designs meet the latest industry standards.  

As always, based on our proprietary mineral insulated cable technology, our heating products perform reliably and efficiently in the most extreme conditions.  

Next-generation Space Partnerships 

Consistent with our values of customer focus and collaboration, our mission is to meet the needs of our clients. To that end we offer customised solutions and services for mission-critical projects. With our comprehensive range of reliable and efficient heating solutions, we aim to play a leading role in new environmentally friendly generation of space platforms.  

THERMOCOAX enjoys close collaborations with satellite equipment producers, propulsion manufacturers and research organisations.  

Our current partners include the ISS Material Space Laboratory, the European Space Agency, NASA in programmes such as Sentinel, Pleaiades, Myriad, Curiosity, and Dragonfly. 

Pushing Frontiers in the Space Industry 

In line with our continued push for excellence, THERMOCOAX has developed a strong pedigree of heating systems for the aerospace market.  

Our solutions include: 

  • Heat pipe heating applications up to 100 volts  
  • 3-10 watt catalyst bed heaters for hydrazine or green propellant thrusters 
  • Heating devices and magnetic coils for electrical Hall-effect thrusters 

Sensors for Space  

THERMOCOAX is also a provider of high temperature sensors. These include the 3800F sensors supplied to the ISS’s Material Space Laboratory or for measuring the skin of the space probe during re-entry to the atmosphere.  

The technology offers exceptional possibilities regarding power and small dimensions. Devices as small as 0.019” diameter enable improved integration.  

Adding value to the Space race 

THERMOCOAX is proud to stand behind its core values of respect, customer focus, excellence, integrity, safety and collaboration in all its activities. And this includes our products for the space sector.  Our emphasis is always on custom designs in close partnership with our clients. Their desire for high-performance products is matched only by ours. 

We manage all steps of entire space projects, from design through certification right up to the final product. 

Our continuous innovation and development are based on a solid core of expertise in mineral insulated cable technology, which we have been manufacturing for nearly 60 years. 

For further details, please don’t hesitate to visit our Space dedicated website.