Temperature measurement with sheathed thermocouples

THERMOCOAX is a leading supplier of thermocouples to industries with extreme environments, such as inside nuclear reactors, and in spacecraft engines.

Temperature measurement is a vital element in many areas of research and industry, and thermocouples are a widely acknowledged and proven method for achieving this. Why? Because of accurate and fast measurement, easy fitting, simple utilisation and interchangeability, as well as low-cost production.

Our wide range of thermocouples

THERMOCOAX manufactures a wide range of thermocouples, with many advantages for numerous applications. Most of our thermocouples are a combination of conductors, insulation, and a metal protective sheath.

Thanks to the highly compact insulating powder used, and the excellent metallographic state of the conductors and sheath, THERMOCOAX thermocouples are very flexible. They can be bent to a radius equal to three times the outer diameter, without causing any damage.

With certain precautions, this can even be reduced.

Demanding technical specifications

An important criterion for the quality of sheathed thermocouples is the insulation resistance. Due to the small size of Mineral Insulated thermocouples, very little space remains for the insulating conductor, and between conductors and sheath. So, our thermocouples are ideal for clients with installations that are cramped, or where space is limited.

Miniature sheathed thermocouples that are small, with high insulation resistance and high resistance to corrosive media, are essential in medical, space and nuclear applications where very demanding technical specifications require this solution. MI cables are resistant to heat and pressure, and also relatively insensitive to parasites.

Application examples

In Nuclear Reactors THERMOCOAX Core Sensors can be used for temperature measurement at the fuel outlet, in order to prevent the nucleate boiling, and for radial distribution of the reactor core temperature.

An essential thermocouple application in aviation measures the temperature at the centre of the carbon disks of the brakes. This data is transmitted to the pilot’s cockpit in the form of a Go/No Go message, which is required before take-off is authorised.

Spacecraft engines also have our thermocouples onboard to record and monitor the extreme heat generated, in order to regulate temperatures and system behaviour.


Easy installation

THERMOCOAX sheathed thermocouples and heating cables can be easily mounted using various techniques, including adhesives, soldering, clamping, brazing, welding, or sealing glands. In short, they can be easily incorporated into a vast variety of precision applications where accuracy is vital.

What’s more, our thermocouples are rugged and able to withstand extremes of pressure, heat and other adverse environments, whether inside a nuclear reactor, or in the depths of outer space. For more detailed information about our Thermocouples, don’t hesitate to contact us and describe us your project