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Thermocoax’ applications set on satellites dedicated for space debris clean up !

The 22nd of March, 2021 at 06:07am (UTC), GK Launch Services has launched Soyuz 2.1 rocket from Baikonur Cosmodrome.

The launcher has deployed a Fregat upper stage in space, and fired its engine several times over four hours to inject 38 small and medium-size international satellites into three different orbits.

On these 38 satellites, two of them are equipped with THERMOCOAX heating systems dedicated to activate the chemical propulsion.

One of the satellites is dedicated for space debris clean up. The other one is dedicated for imagery with electro-optical sensor in it for earth observation.

These heating systems are designed, developed and produced in our factory of Normandy, France. THERMOCOAX has 15 years heritage. Most of the application are:

  • Catalyst Bed heater for chemical propulsion
  • Magnetic coils and high temperature cabling for electrical propulsion
  • Rod heater for payload temperature control (Mechanical Pump loop )
  • Heating coils for actuators based on SMA technology (pyrotechnic free)THERMOCOAX success is based on the motivation and passion of his all employees plus of course, on the unic home made mineral insulated cable.

The cable offers small dimensions, flexibility, ability to withstand 1000°C and more with exotic material.

This technology has already demonstrated 15 years on board GEOSatcom with more than 15 000 devices.

THERMOCOAX is currently travelling on March with Curiosity for dust samples treatment and will be soon again with EXOMARS program on the landing propulsion system.

THERMOCOAX is pushing its technology on chemical propulsion to make it more efficient and proposes innovative solutions for the electrical propulsion. Some last developments are under qualification and dedicated for the thermal management of high energy intensive 100 volts plateforms.

THERMOCOAX on board Soyuz-2 number 90, launching happened 22nd March 2021.

Two satellites are equipped with catalyst bed heater systems for chemical propulsions.

Since more than 10 years, THERMOCOAX is supplying innovative heating systems for the chemical propulsion, green and hydrazine.

More than 200 catalyst bed heaters are flying currently successfully.

These propulsions are used several times per day for altitude, trajectory and orbit control.

New designs of catalyst bed heater with fast heating ramp-up are now qualified and aim debris avoidance and under demonstration for debris removal mission.


Gender equality index in 2020

Each year our company is required to calculate a gender equality index to evaluate whether we are taking appropriate action towards gender equality.

We are proud to share with you that last year, THERMOCOAX scored 80/100 toward 70/100 on 2019 !

Don’t hesitate to visit our page careers to get more information in the calculation.


Carbon neutral by 2040

Spirax-Sarco Engineering plc, parent company of Thermocoax, is one of over 40 leading UK companies that has committed to achieving carbon neutrality by 2040 and one of over 20 companies that has committed to biodiversity net gain.*

The full list of commitments made by Group Chief Executive, Nicholas Anderson, ahead of a Business Leaders Event, organised by the Council for Sustainable Business and DEFRA, on 29th June 2020 include:

Climate change commitments

  • Achieve Net-Zero greenhouse gas emissions by the end of 2040.
  • Source 50% of our electricity from renewable sources by 2030.
  • Designate Board accountability for greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Extend our reporting to include Scope 3 greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Certify our greenhouse gas emission reduction efforts with an external body.


Biodiversity commitments

  • Establish a 2030 biodiversity net gain target.
  • Identify any harmful direct impacts and dependencies our business has on nature and biodiversity and set targets for reducing them.
  • Commit to publishing the results of our work.


The commitments were made on behalf of Spirax-Sarco Engineering plc and all its Group companies.

Speaking of the commitments, Nicholas Anderson said,

“As a large and successful engineering company with a legacy of industry leadership and technical innovation, Spirax-Sarco Engineering plc is well positioned to take a leading role in the transition towards a more environmentally and socially sustainable economy.  I firmly believe that it is our responsibility to be an agent of positive change as we manage and improve our own sustainability and help our customers and suppliers to do the same. These are just some of the commitments that Spirax-Sarco Engineering plc, and its Group companies, will make as we accelerate our Sustainability agenda and performance in the coming years.”   

Dominique Mallet, President of the Electric Thermal Solutions (ETS) business said,

“The time has come for businesses, and society, to take individual and collective responsibility for climate change and biodiversity loss, and to step up our efforts to tackle these important global challenges. I am fully supportive of the commitments made by Nicholas Anderson, our Group Chief Executive, and look forward to delivering progress against them in the coming years. As an organization ETS is developing innovative solutions with our customers to support their targets of energy efficiency and reduction of their own environmental impacts.” 

Progress against these and other sustainability targets will be outlined annually in the Annual Report and Accounts of Spirax-Sarco Engineering plc.


* Source:, (Accessed 9th July 2020)


THERMOCOAX, part of the new space propulsion technology of the key occidental Geosatellite makers.

THERMOCOAX equips with magnetic coils and heating systems to make the platform more reliable and 25 years service life.

The Challenge

Space platform request magnetic coils to produce the thruster of the engine to travel to final orbit and then keep the satellite on the orbit during all his life.

The customer system was looking for component withstand high temperature and long reliability (25 years).

Heating system is used to avoid the engine to rech too low temperature. By this, the engines are fully operational at full power when activated.

These systems need to be fully proven by strict tests and qualifications program. Heavy document have to be provide for a full traceability of the components and production.

The Solution

Based on our homemade mineral insulated cable and our high level of engineering, production and quality management, we design and produce dedicated final systems ready to be mounted on the propulsion system.


Choosing electrical propulsion increases the service life of the satellite, means more value for the OEM and more service for the satellite operator.

In pratice, electrical propulsion saves 10 to 15% of volume replaced by payload used for datas that the operator sell to his customers.


H2O2 sterilization units for Filling machines


THERMOCOAX offers you the possibility of manufacturing your custom designed aseptisation oven that will fit perfectly to your industrial tools.

Our specific solution is widely used by major machine manufacturers for the “dry” sterilisation processes.

We ask our customers to define their specifications in terms of liquid to be used, liquid flow and temperature in order to have the sufficient level of sanitization in their parts before the filling process.

As an expert of electrical heating solutions, Thermocoax will determine the power density of the heating elements necessary to reach your specifications inside the vaporizer.

THERMOCOAX exports its know how all around the word.

We also offer standard version one or two heating zones H2O2 ovens.

Technical characteristics :

H2O2 vaporizer

  • Material: stainless steel 1.4404, 1.4541
  • Heater: Based on Thermocoax mineral insulated cables – vacuum brazed – water tide IP 54 standard
  • Operational power and voltage:
    • one or two heating zones in standard
    • 3 kW, 6 kW / 230 V
    • 6 kW / 400 V
    • Customized specifications on request
  • Temperature range: up to 500°C or higher on request
  • Operating conditions: corrosive media, acids and chemicals
  • Reduced response time

Heating elements : cold end heating element with safety thermocouples for each zone.

H2O2 vaporizer

H2O2 vaporizer






Fusion reactors : THERMOCOAX cabling solutions in the heart of ITER reactor

THERMOCOAX is committed to develop solutions for new nuclear reactor technologies. We are proud to have been elected as the Mineral Insulated Cable supplier for the ITER project in the frame of  F4E (Fusion For Energy) and ITER international call for tender.

THERMOCOAX will provide Cabling  systems for ITER Vacuum Vessel where harshest conditions are met. We greatly value this contribution to the FUSION reactor technology.

Click here to get the whole article.



In light of the current global COVID-19 situation, Thermocoax has implemented rigorous contingency plans to minimize the impact.   As the situation continues to develop, please be assured we remain committed to safeguarding the health and well-being of both our teams and customers.

We are adhering to local government guidelines and are reviewing the situation on a constant basis. We have put in place clear procedures for our employees to protect their health, including self-isolation, where appropriate.

Many of our customers in multiple key industrial sectors are playing a vital role in positively supporting the current situation.  We realize that their work is of critical importance and our duty is to support them and their processes to enable business continuity, supporting the local community. We have advanced Business Continuity Plans in our business locations to maintain products and services.

As a company, we operate a global manufacturing strategy, with five manufacturing sites around the world, in conjunction with a global footprint of stocked warehouses to ensure a local supply of products.  We can reassure you that we have maintained a good stock profile across our business and continue to work with our supply partners to maintain them.

Finally, we would like to re-assure you that we are in the process of ensuring all our Sales and Service engineers are equipped with full PPE to protect themselves and your employees when they visit site. They are fully briefed on local guidelines for contagion prevention and the importance of social distancing and sanitisation.

We will continue to monitor the situation carefully and will take all necessary steps, at the appropriate time and in line with national and international guidance, to help ensure the safety of our teams, whilst minimizing disruption to all our customers.


Kind regards,



Inès Hamon
General Director – Thermocoax

Gender equality Index at THERMOCOAX

As of 1 March 2020, companies with between 50 and 250 employees are required to calculate a gender equality index to evaluate whether they are taking appropriate action towards gender equality.

This figure is a measure of equal pay for men and women in the world of work, applying the principle of “equal pay for equal work”.

This index takes the form of a score out of 100 and is based on 4 criteria:

  • No pay gap between women and men with the same role and of a similar age,
  • Equal opportunities for a pay rise,
  • The number of employees who received a pay rise upon returning from maternity leave,
  • At least four women in the ten highest paid positions.

For the year 2019, THERMOCOAX scored 76/100.

This performance demonstrates the company’s commitment to diversity and equality and, as always, pushes us to continue to improve on this score in the future.


Gender equality Index


Nuclear fusion

1.    FUSION: Advantages and CO2 reduction in energy production.

Fusion is a physical principle during which two nuclei combine to generate energy.

For a peaceful application, electricity would be generated through a reactor generating heat, which would then be transferred in a loop to activate a turbine.

There would be numerous advantages of this technology: CO2 free electricity production, minimal waste compared to FISSION reactors, unlimited “raw material” coming from the sea and intrinsic safety. If problems occur, switch off the reactor.

2.    Basic principle

Fusion is the process that occurs in the core of the Sun and stars. When we see light and feel warmth, this is the result of fusion reactions: hydrogen nuclei collide, fuse into heavier helium atoms and release considerable amounts of energy in the process. Fusion is the main source of life in the Universe. To reach an appropriate environmental condition at which the reaction can occur, different vacuum chambers have been developed with Tokamak reactors.

3.    TOKAMAK reactors

A Tokamak reactor is a vessel which uses a strong magnetic field to contain a plasma and ultimately produce a net energy output. It is shaped like a “donut”.

Tokamak stands for the Russian acronym of toroidal chamber with magnetic coils. This scientific device was initially conceptualised in the 1950s in Russia and built in several countries in the 1970s. The most powerful of them being built in UK, the Joint European Torus (JET).

In the 1980s the idea of an international project called ITER (International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor) was proposed by Russia to the USA.

4.    ITER

ITER (“The Way” in Latin) is designed to demonstrate the scientific and technological feasibility of fusion energy. ITER is a large-scale scientific experiment that aims to demonstrate the possibility of producing commercial energy from fusion. It is the culmination of sixty years of fusion research, carried out on hundreds of devices all over the world.

ITER is also a unique international collaboration bringing together China, the European Union, India, Japan, Korea, Russia and the United States – seven Members (35 nations).

The ITER Members have a shared responsibility to design, build and operate the ITER installation. Following the establishment of the ITER Organisation and a preparatory site, a unanimous decision was made in 2005 whereby the ITER Members chose a site in the South of France suggested by the European Union.

© ITER Organisation


  • A giant device weighing 23,000 tonnes. A fusion energy generating 500 MW of output power.
  • The World’s largest vacuum vessel, heavier than the Eiffel tower.
  • A plasma temperature of 150 million °C, x 10 the core temperature of the sun.
  • And when less than 10 metres away, there is a magnet temperature of -269°C (4K°).


Nowadays multiple initiatives are receiving funding. Some new projects have been launched in the US, in the UK and in China. Plasma is a question of density. To increase plasma density and release more energy than  required in order to initiate the plasma, some compression techniques are combined to magnetic confinement. The future reactor will be more compact, simpler, more stable and cheaper.


THERMOCOAX fully supports FUSION technology. Over the years and through projects like JET, we have accumulated experience and developed specific solutions for the FUSION reactor.

THERMOCOAX technology -Mineral Insulated cable- is ideal for harsh environments with fluctuating temperatures, high levels of radiation, a high vacuum or a high magnetic field.

THX can offer solutions such as:

CABLING: In-vessel cabling, penetration feedthrough

SENSORS: Temperature and magnetic field measurement

HEATING: Backing of small items or massive pieces of steel forming the vacuum vessel

Our integrated nuclear department (engineering, qualification, quality assurance, production) coordinated by our project department develops bespoke solutions, in which norms and regulations play a critical role.