Heating Elements


Resistance heating is one of the first applications of electricity. Thousands of heating problems have been solved ranging from megawatts down to a few watts, or less.

The fundamentals are always the same, the requirements and solutions differ widely.

Between a large furnace constructed as an individual unit and a mass-produced domestic heater, there are a number of cases where no "ready-made" solution is available.

About THERMOCOAX heating elements

THERMOCOAX Group provides heaters designed to be shaped and incorporated into heating systems from very simple to more sophisticated applications.

They are manufactured in our factories in Europe and in the US with :

  • Engineering and full technical assistance at every stage of your project,
  • Assembly workshops offering semi-finished products as well as full assemblies.



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For such cases, THERMOCOAX often presents a suitable answer to :

  • Heating from cryogenic temperatures up to >1000°C
  • Either very low heat dissipation or very high power (from a few watts to several tens of kilowatts)

For use in air, under vacuum or high pressure and in any corrosive environment compatible with the sheath material. In applications requiring high reliability components. 




Easy fitting

  • Electrical screening
  • THERMOCOAX heaters can be attached directly to metal parts
  • Tight bending radius
  • Only 3 times the outer diameter
  • Small scale

The heat can be generated exactly where it is required thus power losses are reduced as well as power consumption.

Construction of THERMOCOAX heating elements 

THERMOCOAX heating elements consist of one or two straight current-carrying cores in a flexible metal sheath, electrically insulated from one another and from the sheath by means of a highly compacted refractory powder.
To cope with the problems of high heat density dissipation, a special THERMOCOAX cold-end construction has been developed.

Connection of heating elements

THERMOCOAX heating elements are designed to work in very diverse and severe conditions.
Our connectors range covers this diversity and the specific requirements of any application.

Your THERMOCOAX heating solution

THERMOCOAX has developed an extensive range of heaters and heating assemblies as standard components of custom assemblies.

To help us define your heater or your solution, don't hesitate to contact us.