Heated cable inlet for climatic chambers

Target market :

Manufacturers and operators of climatic chambers.

Challenge :

Prevention of condensation at the cable inlet inside and outside of climatic chambers.

Description of the problem without a heated cable inlet :

Condensation at the cable inlet due to climatic differences between the inside and the outside of the chamber.

Condensation on the measuring cables inside and outside of the temperature test chamber when using a standard inlet.

Risk :

High financial risk if long-term climatic tests have to be cancelled because of condensation in the climatic chamber. Condensation damages the test materials and affects the climate regulation in the chamber.

Solution :

Heated cable inlet from THERMOCOAX Isopad® GmbH. A standard inlet with geometric properties, the best possible sealing and a heated area inside of the cable inlet.

Test results with a heated cable inlet :

Decrease in the amount of condensation formed inside the climatic chamber by approx. 95% and by 100% outside of the climatic chamber!

The risk of failure is extremely reduced because there are hardly any condensation drops in the chamber (airflow can spread the drops onto the test material).

No water on the floor outside the chamber. The risk of slipping is eliminated, thereby extremely reducing the risk of accidents !