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THERMOCOAX has reached a major milestone this year. The company is celebrating its 60th anniversary.

60 years of service to our customers, 60 years of innovation in the nuclear, aerospace, semicon, and industrial markets meeting the expectations of these sectors through their constantly evolving applications.

To celebrate this event, the teams undertook the crossing of the bay of Mont Saint-Michel last month.  Braving the cold, the mud, and the rivers (sometimes full), we managed to chase the clouds and together we reached the finish line of this jewel of architecture, The Mont Saint-Michel, also called the “Wonder of the West”.  It was a very beautiful day revealing the mutual effort, team spirit, strong human values of THERMOCOAX.




Press release : Thermocoax awarded Silver Label from Turbomeca

Turbomeca (Safran Group) and Thermocoax have strengthened today their partnership for helicopter turboshafts.

This day, November 26th 2015, Thermocoax received from Turbomeca’s VP Strategic Purchasing its Silver Label.

Turbomeca Label Program objectives are not only to reach the excellence in production, quality, social and environmental issues, but also to set new roadmaps for innovation with its qualified supply-chain.

The Silver category addresses suppliers with high added value products and / or services, which therefore deserve a combined R&D roadmap. This means only a dozen of companies worldwide will qualify.

Jean-Baptiste Jarin, Turbomeca VP Purchasing, underlined:  “Like everyone else in our industry, it is mandatory to have suppliers meeting our on time quality  and on time delivery requirements. What we are now looking for is to establish a new partnership approach with a few of them. As such, Thermocoax will share its R&D efforts and innovations with us, and we strongly believe that it is the combination of our efforts which will allow Turbomeca to maintain its leadership on the turboshaft market”.

Dominique Mallet, Thermocoax CEO answered: ‘We have enjoyed a specific relationship with Turbomeca for a long time . This recognition does not only reward the implication of our staff but also the quality of our cooperation with our customer. Turbomeca is quite demanding, but also always available for guiding and helping us in achieving excellence. Thermocoax’s employees are proud to be part of the Turbomeca’s success story. Moreover, this label  enables Thermocoax to join Turbomeca’s development plateau during the early stages of new engine development, while offering us the opportunity to propose new innovative products, a must that many suppliers are looking for, but only a few gets”.

The Silver label was awarded in Thermocoax’s Flers plant (France), with the participation of all employees and Turbomeca’s board representative.

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