THERMOCOAX to build Long-Lived In-Core Instrumentation Assemblies for a R&D Project of KHNP.

THERMOCOAX the expert in nuclear instrumentation has been awarded a contract with KHNP Central Research Institute, the Korean Electrical Utility, to manufacture and deliver in 2015 several Long-Lived In-Core Instrumentation Assemblies.

This innovative instrumentation based on neutron detectors and thermocouple will be demonstrated in the OPR 1000 in Korea.
This instrumentation will offer an enhanced life time compared to existing technologies without compromise on safety and reliability.
This project represents an important milestone in THERMOCOAX nuclear business unit expansion and pave the way for others applications with utilities or Tiers 1 instrumentation system supplier.
THERMOCOAX offers support to its customers through the design, delivery and support phases of a program. miller88 | Infographics |