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Twisted MI cable against magnetic interferences

Thermocouple & Transmission cables for sensors in harsh environment and high magnetic interferences

Sensors manufacturer are looking for extension cables offering:
The lowest perturbation on sensor’s signal
A life time superior to the life time of the sensor itself.
If cable/sensor are exposed to adverse conditions like heat, fire, pressure, radiation or electro magnetic interferences, cabling solutions using organic compound do not offer sufficient life time nor maintain screening performance of measurement chain.

Turbines, large scientific instrument, fusion reactor, induction motors

Our nuclear experience initiated in the 50’s was the opportunity for a continuous improvement of the manufacturing technics of the Mineral Insulated cable.

As an answer to growing demand for cables insensitive to magnetic interferences, THERMOCOAX has developed a unique process to guarantee a steady twist of the cable conductors enhancing the EMC noise rejection characteristics.

A constant pitch of the twist of conductor pair cancel the induced currents and balance capacitances to ground..

The stainless steel sheath and –if required- additional layer of soft iron- provides a superior EMC screening than other cable systems.

twisted 5


  • Cable design tailored to meet customer’s demand
  • Built on specification
  • Single pair or multiple pairs
  • No impact on outer sheath metallurgy
  • No organic compound: no thermal or radiation ageing
  • Cost effective process compared to others technologies


Advantage of the twisted pair in high magnetic environment:

  • successive half-twists (pitch 2,5 cm / 1 inch) reduce magnetic noise by a factor higher than 100 compared to straight type
  • Balanced capacitances to ground