Mineral Insulated cable for high voltage at high Temperature

High voltage Transmission cables in harsh environment

In THERMOCOAX, we are constantly investing in R&D to bring Mineral Insulated Cable solutions to our customers

When your process needs high voltage (several throusand of volts), with temperature of 1000°C only THERMOCOAX has the experience to bring the right design.

Ignition system

The Aero engine market is looking for ignition cable, THERMOCOAX tested a demonstrator under 6100 volts under 400°C.

The concept is TRL3

Demonstrator tested and validated:

-Up to 6100 volts dc
-400°C (752°F)
-With MgO and SiO2 insulator
-2 400 000 ignition cycles simulated



  • Cable design tailored to meet customer’s demand
  • Built on specification
  • Single pair or multiple pairs
  • No impact on outer sheath metallurgy
  • No organic compound
  • Cost effective process compared to others technologies


General Caracteristics:

-Fire, water, UV resistant
-3D Shape

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