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Space market

At THERMOCOAX, we manage all steps of entire space projects from the design through the qualification and up to the final product.

We have built a strong pedigree of heating systems up to 100 volts for Heat pipe applications, 3 to 10 watt Catalyst Bed heater for hydrazine or green propellant thrusters, heating devices and magnetic coils for electrical Hall effects thrusters.

SPACE - Catalyst Bed Heater - 1

SPACE - catalyst bed heater - 2

THERMOCOAX is also a provider of high temperature sensors, such as the 3800F sensors supplied to the ISS's Material Space Laboratory or for measuring the skin of the space probe during re-entry to the atmosphere. The technology offers exceptional possibilities of power and small dimensions. Devices  as small as 0.019” diameter enabling improved integration. Our Talent comes from the Mineral Insulated Cable we have been manufacturing for nearly 60 years, our precious know how which we continue to keep secret.


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