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Analysis solutions

THERMOCOAX Analysis solutions :

THERMOCOAX is your technical expert partner.

We customize, design and manufacture complete custom Thermal and temperature measurement solutions.

We take advantages from THERMOCOAX technical innovations and expertise developed for nuclear and aerospace sectors for more than 50 years to offer our customers from the Analysis Industry high-tech solutions that meet their needs in terms of thermal performance and compactness.

Mineral Insulated Cable for Analysis applications :

You can find thermocouples on every heating system when you need to control temperature, even for very compact configurations. THERMOCOAX has also developed specific probes as Zirconium probes.

We propose heating element solutions :

- Heated hoses,

- Adsorption traps,

- GC/MS transfer lines and PTV systems,

- Nozzles.

They aim to :

  • Lower thermal masses to avoid the loss of data
  • Increase Performance/Price ratio to lower the cost of instruments
  •  Ease of operation to compensate lack of skilled labor in the field.


THERMOCOAX Analysis Expertise :

THERMOCOAX has acquired a great deal of skills and expertise from customers requiring high standards from around the world.

There are 3 main categories :

  • Separation Technology
  • Molecular Analysis
  • Elemental Analysis


Learn more about our analysis products, below :

Analysis-PEMAC - ensemble interface

Analysis-PEMAC - Oil heater

Analysis-PEMAC - Small thermocouple

Analysis-PEMAC - ptv direct inlet

Analysis-PEMAC - Transimission cable

Analysis-PEMAC - Transfer lines