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Heating elements systems for industries

We manufacture heating elements from Mineral-insulated cables for many industrial applications :

  • Heating elements for Metal transformation industries, forging, and funderies

We offer specific heating plates, immersion heaters, heated nozzles, and trace heating solutions, complying with a wide variety of requirements for different industrial needs.

  • Heating elements for Metal coating deposition industries

We manufacture heating plates complying to the heating uniformity requirements of deposition processes.

We offer heating shells to accurately process only a portion of the workpiece.

We manufacture ovens of different sizes and powers that fit over the main machinery manufacturer processes.

  • Heating elements for Gas transfer lines and injectors for analysis industries

PEMAC - ensemble interface

Through our expertise in high level, added value heating elements, we develop shielded IR sources for an optimum plastic welding process :

  • Thermocoax shielded IR sources are dedicated to the welding processes of specific thermoplastic, such as PEEK.

Those IR sources are mainly used in the automotive industries to meet the requirements of plastic clean welding processes requested by automotive standards.

The shield protects the Mineral-insulated cables from corrosion.

This process can be used for welding 3D complex parts.

To complete our range of heating elements, we are specialised in thermocouples for temperature control and monitoring :

  • We are COFRAC-certified for the calibration of thermocouples.
  • We offer a complete range of Thermo-couples up to 2 300°C.
  • For severe environments, we suggest our Multi cores transmission cables.
  • We also have a full range of heating elements for applications < 500°C: heating mats, heating jackets availble in Silicon or glass silk material, drum heaters, heated hoses, and more.

PEMAC - Transmission cable- THERMOCOAX 1

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